Car DAB Radio Receiver Vehicle Radio Stereo Audio External DAB Transmitter and Digital Radio Tuner

Car DAB Radio Receiver Vehicle Radio Stereo Audio External DAB Transmitter and Digital Radio Tuner
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Double channel integration baseband processing board MSR1842 RF receiver with high performance dual channel receiver MSR1842 for the same set of hardware platform, the RF channel has flexible configuration advantages, development and application of it mainly focuses on the software receiver, and a dual channel baseband processing RF transmission board integrated with the use of MSS1832, can be composed of a set of software radio send complete RF receiver baseband processing platform.

Main uses:

The dual channel receiver software design and development

Receiver algorithm research and design and development of the dual channel interference

The dual channel receiver multipath measurement and algorithm research and design development

Hardware resource configuration:

It uses TI\'s high speed floating-point processor TMS320C6713B, clocked at 300MHz, up to 2400MIPS, with powerful signal processing capability;

The ALTERA StratixII EP2S90F1020I4 chip, a few resources are very rich, can satisfy the majority of the signal processing hardware programming and control ability;

The dual orthogonal mixing independent RF channel, each channel is composed of two RF front-end LNA, independent radio frequency SAW, the vibration frequency synthesizer, quadrature mixer, intermediate frequency low-pass or band-pass filter;

The four independent AD sampling channel, AD Analog chip company AD9233-125, 12 bit quantization bits, the highest sampling rate of 125M;

The board of reference clock: 10MHz, 1PPM, 0.5Vpp, TXCO (external reference clock input board output clock also for other circuit reference when Zhong Yuan)

The 1 * 16Mb 16 bus FLASH chip, is used to store the DSP operation code and a large number of users of nonvolatile data;

The 1 * 128Mb 32 bus SDRAM, DSP external memory resources;

The 1 * 64KB EEPROM, used to store user nonvolatile data;

The 1 * 4Mb 16 bus SRAM, FPGA external memory resources;

The 1 high precision real time clock module (RTC), real time information preservation, not lost power;

The 8 user lamp;

The 1 system reset button;

The 1 dial switch configuration;

Interface type:

The 1 FPGA AS interface;

The 1 FPGA JTAG interface;

The 1 DSP JTAG interface;

The 2 way RF input interface, MCX connector;

The 1 circuit board 10MHz clock output connector MCX;

The 1 external 10MHz reference clock input, MCX connector

The 2 RS232 serial port;

The 2 RS422 differential serial port;

The 1 USB2.0 interface, Cypress interface chip CY7C68013, 480Mbits supports high-speed transmission;

The 1 50pin FPGA IO extended interface, convenient user interface expansion;

The 3 speed FPGA IO expansion port, SMA port input / output;

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