Free Express Shipping SINBO DZ 280 Household Vacuum food packaging machine,plastic film sealer,vacuum packer +10 plastic bags

Free Express Shipping SINBO DZ 280 Household Vacuum food packaging machine,plastic film sealer,vacuum packer +10 plastic bags
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Package Included: 

vacuum sealing machine

1connecting pipe

1user manual (English)

1start kit (10*20cm x 26cm bags)




High temperature adhesive tape: From Japan


 Motor: brushless motor           

Heating wire: 

The voltage rating: 110V-220V                          

Power rating: 150W                 

sheathing material: Import project ABS non-toxic 

Rated frequency: 50Hz                              

Vacuum: -0.8bar                     

Appearance size: 38.5*15.5*12.5cm

The width of the heating wire: 5mm          

Bag width: 30 cm                    

work description:  Fully automatic + manual integration 

This machine uses smooth bags (like as picture,smooth bag cheap than grain bags). The grain bags can only be sealed and not vacuum.




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 Are you still in the purchase of the bag to worry about it? Are you still in expensive for the cost of the lines bags and worry about it?





You are out of date.


we introduce ShineYe brand automatic liquid crystal display multifunctional DZ-300 vacuum sealer for you .


It has the function of large machines , large machine\'s vacuum degree and the characteristics of large machines.


It can pumping all bags such as yin and Yang bags and anti-static bag.


You don\'t need special bags so you can  bid farewell to use special bag machine. 


The cost of bags will be very low. Professional for you to create every penny of genuine goods .


This technology has been applied for a patent for invention, ShineYe personnel have product patents.




Where the power comes from?


Stronger "core" power protection system.


Shine brand vacuum packaging preservation experts can easily extend the shelf life of food 5 times.



If there were no it , your life  will have a lot of  problem. 


Family  At room temperature,the time of preservation of food is very short.  It is easy make bacterial cross infection and microorganisms to accelerate the reproduction so that the food deterioration , deterioration and make food waste. 


BusinessSales of pork, bacon, sausage, cooked food, dry goods ect in the express transportation process resulting in products by the microbial contamination, oxidation, breakage, throw, the temperature is too high and deterioration to resulting in customer resentment.     


CollectorThe old family photos, jewelry, expensive paintings, books, coins ect valuable items need preserve for a long time.It is very easy oxidation, corrosion, damaged,  damp and  then lose the preservation of the value.




It has 10 innovative features


DZ-300 let the food not only keep fresh and but also effective to consolidate the food nutrition.


 Strong driving force and Stronger "core" power


The first use of a new type of brushless motor vacuum pump .Its noise is very low , the high vacuum degree and long life. Its vacuum degree reaches -0.08bar, has reached the industrial grade vacuum degree.And  compared with the

large machine, the service life of the machine is within 4 to 6 years.




Vacuum seal

DZ-300 vacuum sealer adopts imported  IC chip, intelligent sense of pressure and temperature control.It just need to  press the vacuum sealing button in one fell swoop to complete the vacuum and sealing.In half-way

without any manual intervention and simple operation.So to bid farewell to the manual of the machine age.Package one product  takes time 20-30 seconds or so. It is very simple and rapid.




move function


Traditional vacuum machine can not vacuum pressure regulation,  can not vacuum bread, jujube and other soft food, or pumping broken, or deflated. But the Qingye vacuum sealer has  timing mode so that it can realize to adjust the

vacuum time, accurate to millisecond delay free and quick reaction.Let your soft food can also get the vacuum preservation and care.





Wet and dry dual-use


DZ-300 solve the vacuum machine cannot encapsulate wet products and products with a lot of water problem.It can  Sealed  have a lot of water\'s products. This function is the exclusive patent of ShineYe. And we solemn

commitment,if it can not sealing have a lot of water\'s products,our unconditional return.


 Separate seal

 DZ-300 can heat sealing of ordinary plastic bags such as roll bag,  snack bags,  potato chips bags and other bags made of plastic materials .From start to seal, the machine only needs 10 seconds.So it can greatly shorten the

working time. It is a multi-functional vacuum packaging machine.




 Automatic external pumping


The machine has been upgraded. The Cyan button is OPTION, without External pumping/Option.

The machine instructions have not been updated in time.

In the automatic pressure detection mode, the machine automatically pumped to the rated standard negative pressure 0.07Mpa and then automatically stop. Not due to excessive pressure and rupture.




DZ-300 Can be pumped storage bags, vacuum compressed bag, vacuum storage tank, vacuum wine stopper. If you buy machine,we will give you a free connecting tube: a head connected to the machine on the socket cover at, another head connected to a storage bag or fresh tank lid. Press  vacuum sealing button and then machine will start the pumping vacuum function.


liquid crystal display


As a pioneer of the vacuum sealer, DZ-300 use liquid crystal display.Operation of the machine and the step to be used in full on the screen is displayed. You in the use of machines can depend on the screen prompt to complete a

variety of different types of vacuum packaging operations.  DZ-300 leading vacuum sealer into intelligent life.





Set Function Buttons 

Set function key introduction: In automatic mode, press the set key can adjust the sealing time of the automatic mode.   On the basis of the increase of one second, the upper limit of 12 seconds, the lower limit of 1 second. According to the thickness of the bag to adjust sealing time.

In a timing mode, press the set key can be the timing mode sealing\'s time and vacuum pumping time to adjust. According to add increased second, upper limit of 12 seconds, lower 1, press the select key vacuum pumping time can be adjusted, upper limit of 60 seconds and lower1second. The sealing time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the bag, and the vacuum time can be adjusted according to the softness of the product. It  creates a multi function microcomputer control mechanical and electrical integration of Fresh keeping machine.

DZ-300 machine with multiple safety protection design, PCB multichannel overload protection. Heating part using the multi-point detection overheating protection function, up to 5 layers of insulation protective layer and makes the machine always work in a safe operating range. Not because the machine batch jobs and the burning machine. Safety protecting your safety.





Machine body have  up to 30 cm heating wire, sealing width up to 5mm so the sealing more solid perfect. DZ-300 machine has the heating wire exclusive separation design, fuselage design, heating wire, sponge, high temperature adhesive tape and other accessories can directly replace , without  need to return the replacement.It is very simple and convenient.





Saving cost


The following we calculate for you, we can make you save how much the cost of  vacuum bag?


one 15*25 grain bag =USD 0.35                 one 15*25 ordinary vacuum bag=USD 0.15


If you need 20 bags  in 300 days ,you need 6000 vacuum bag.Our machine service life is 5 years.


How much money can you save in these five years?  5 years *6000=30000bags


grain bag total price = 3000*0.35=USD 10500 ordinary vacuum bag total price=3000*0.15=USD 4500


One machine packages 20 bags in one day.In 5 years you can save USD 6000,one year you can save USD 1200.


Select the Qingye DZ-300 automatic liquid crystal display multifunctional vacuum packaging machine. It is your wise choice.


Vacuum lock fresh technology


Items under the condition of vacuum, it always in a negative pressure hypoxia environment, isolated from the bacteria in the air, moisture, scientific research institutions of the data showed that.Under Preservation period of food in vacuum

state than the general storage of food preservation period extend the multi 3-5 times.

Qingye brand vacuum sealer can effectively guarantee the food fresh, nutrition, moistureproof, antibacterial, and extend the shelf life of food so that food can be permanently  to maintain fresh taste and taste of food.




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