Dual channel integrated baseband processing radio frequency receiving board MSR1842

Dual channel integrated baseband processing radio frequency receiving board MSR1842
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FM FM FM Interphone Comprehensive Tester (RF Signal Source Function, Power Meter Function, Frequency Meter Function, Subtone Measurement Function)

Emission measurement

1. frequency measurement 10MHz~900MHz resolution 1KHz or 0.1KHz

2. power measurement 0.1W~64W (the greater the power, shorten the test time and avoid overheating).

3. sub audio measurement 50Hz~260Hz analog substandard and standard digit subvoice

Two. Reception measurement

1. RF signal generator 1MHz--470MHz

2. output level: -132dBm to -90dBm

3. single tone modulation: 1KHz 2KHz 3KHz optional, output modulation: 3K

4. subtone output: 50Hz---260Hz analog sub tone and standard digit subtone, output amplitude: 0.5K

Three. Relay station test

Debugging and measuring development for U/V relay station and FM interphone.The signal generator can work in duplex mode.The machine under test is placed in the transmitting state and does not affect the generator\'s work. It can be used for measuring in the transmitting state of the turntable.

Four, working voltage: 8-12V DC (DC)

Five, working current: 200mA

Six.Random no power, no test line, no paper instructions, specific operation methods see web page introduction.

Walkie talkie comprehensive survey notes

Source mode:

The first row to the leftFrequency (0.5-470M)On the rightOutput power (-90 -- -131dBm)

The second line to the leftSubaudio (50.0-280.0HzArbitrary analog subtone and105Group number subtone)RightModulation tone (1-3K)The lower right corner shows input power.

Numeric key: direct input for cursor to item

Up and down key: step adjustment cursor points to item value.

F1Key: cursor pointing movement(long press switching to frequency meter mode))

F2Key: backspace key

F3Key: function keyThe cursor points to output power, subtone and modulation tone.Function of cycle switchExample: the cursor points to power output.The key function is the output of the cyclic switch signal.

F4Key: Unused

Analog subtone setupDirect input of subaudible points4digit,not enough4Complement &ldquo in front of bit.0” example88.5Hzinput0,8,8,5

Now if you use the up and down keys, the adjustment will be0.1HzStep by step adjustment, if required.50Group subtone adjustment input.0,0,0,0 Then adjust the upper and lower keys from the first standard sub voice.67HzStart adjusting.

Digital subtone setup:input3Quantile subcodeAgain pressF3 example023 First input0,2,3 Press laterF3 The settings were successful.F2Keys can be in digital subsonic.IandNSwitch between, adjust the upper and lower keys will be105Addition and subtraction of group numbers.

Modulation and subtone value input0 It\'s equivalent to closing.

Step frequency setting:When the cursor is pointing to the frequency, it will press long.F3The current displayed frequency is saved as stepping frequency.

Frequency meter mode:

The first row to the leftfrequencyOn the rightMeasurement mode AUTO/ MANUA(in order to simultaneously measure the emission of the subphone of the walkie talkie or relay station, please select).AUTOMode)

The second line to the leftSubaudioRightFrequency resolution1K/0.1K(in order to test the frequency of the radio frequency of the interphone or relay station, we can choose the frequency.0.1kWill be more accurate)The lower right corner shows input power.

Numeric key: Unused

Up and down keys: Unused

F1Key:Switch from long press to signal source mode

F2Key: Unused

F3Key: frequency resolution switching1K/0.1K

F4Key: measurement mode switching AUTO/ MANUA AUTOWhen the stable frequency is detected, it automatically locks in and detects the subsonic and displays the results until the signal disappears. After the signal disappears, it continues to re-detect waiting for a new stable frequency. (Standard and non-standard analog subtones can be detected by the radio itself. If the digital subtone is emitted by the radio, the standard digital subtone can only be detected, but the non-standard digital subtone can not be detected.)

MANUARegular frequency meter.Real time detection of update frequency.

Note: whenever the power input is applied, the input power is displayed on the lower right corner.

Outline size: 160*160*65mm (Including highlights)

afterHP8921AThe radio comprehensive tester calibrated that:

1.Frequency accuracy is deviation.50Hzwithin

2.vThe output signal strength of the segment isHP8921AEquivalent

3.UOutput signal strength ratio of segmentHP8921ABig 4DBM (the actual value is - 121 DBM when the instrument displays - 125 DBM for weak signal output, for example) and HP8921A for strong signal output (around - 90 DBM for example)

4.The tone modulation of the signal output is3K

5.The sub tone system in signal output is0.5K

6.The minimum power input required for the frequency meter function is 1MW (external antenna, 1W walkie-talkie can be measured at close range)

7. power meter in0.2wAbove heelHP8921AEquivalent to less than 0.2The display value of W is about 20% larger than the actual value (which is estimated to be 4 reasons for 5 entry).

8. When the test power exceeds 5 w, please shorten the test time appropriately to avoid high-power long-time test, because the inside of the radiator is limited in size, to avoid overheating, if you really need high-power long-term test, please increase the area of radiator and fan forced cooling.

9. if Joseph Cheng is found to have no signal output, it can be input in the source mode.001.0000 uses the spectrum to see if there is a signal in the 498M and 499M frequencies. If there is no output, it can only be sent back to repair.

For more details, please login to China antenna network (using Baidu search: China antenna).

Tel: 18954185369

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